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Find out how Finish Resolutions work

The principle is quite simple - you set a resolution, timeframe, and put money on the line. Once the deadline is achieved, a supervisor picked by you (it can be yourself!) have 30 days to mark the goal as success or fail. If it is marked as complete, you will get the money back, plus a completion bonus of 10 to 20%. If you fail, your deposit will be used to cover the bonuses of others. We accept deposits from $10 up to $1,000.

Finish Resolutions is a research project. It is not intended to turn profitable - eventual overhead will be donated to charity. There is guaranteed $6K of funds reserved to cover the bonuses (in case we will achieve a 100% completion rate). This is why the resolutions will be collected only until 31st January, or until $30K is collected (whichever happens first). No personal data is collected (only emails for communication, and paying deposit + the bonus).

Bonuses are paid for all completed resolutions and are dependant on the deadline. For goals with 30-89 days deadline, the bonus is 10%. For 90-179 days, it is 15%, and for more than 180 days, it is 20%. The bonuses and deposits are guaranteed ($6K of reserved funds to cover guarantee cashflow). Finish Resolutions is not intended to be a for-profit project. Even if it runs on a loss, you are still guaranteed to receive your bonus. All the transaction fees are paid by FR! and not deducted from your deposit or bonus.

All deposits to Finish Resolutions are secured and guaranteed by PayPal. You can read more at PayPal Safety and Security. What's more, all the bonuses are guaranteed by $6K reserved by Finish Resolutions itself. This is why we cannot accept more than $30K in resolution deposits.

Your information, including resolutions, are not shared with 3rd parties. Only the supervisor you will nominate will be able to see your goal. No exceptions.

There are two ways when the goal will be marked as failed:
If your supervisor will mark it as failed.
If your supervisor will fail to mark your resolution within one month of the end of the deadline.
In both cases the funds will be used to pay bonuses for other participants.

Yes, we will! We will send an occasional email with a reminder to keep working on it. This way, you will increase your chances of completing it!
The emails will be non-intrusive and friendly.

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